by Gabriel Fuchs

Lake Geneva, or Lac Léman as it is called in French, is the largest lake in the Alps and probably the most famous lake in Europe. Its geographic location and size combine to make it a particularly enchanting and ever-changing lake. Surrounded by mountains on it’s eastern side, it opens towards the West allowing for air drifts that cause fantastic cloud formations, misty mornings and colour combinations that are rarely seen elsewhere.

From Geneva to Villeneuve, this book presents the most spectacular vistas the lake has to offer – a variety of impressions and richness of colour that make it a unique environment.

Gabriel Fuchs has spent several years capturing the many facets of Lake Geneva. Being a passionate photographer and a prolific writer on the subject, he has been a columnist for many journals, notably Amateur Photographer and Better Photography. His photographs, in particular those of Lake Geneva where his unique style stands out, have been presented to several exhibitions. He can be reached at

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